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I have too much going on in real life. I can't do my job, raise my kids, be a good wife, battle illness and put up with some of the annoying crap that happens on dA. So I am letting go of dA. My account will remain active. Some art is stored. Some art is free. And some is still for sale as prints. The rest is either here for 'educational purposes' or just because. So whatever. Check my gallery for the folders that will explain it all.

Yes, I will complete my judging and prize offer for the Super Sue OC Contest. However, I have left all my groups, unwatched everyone and thing, and I am closing my senshi group SignatureSenshi. Once I have uploaded those prizes, I won't be getting back on dA so comments are disabled. I can't disable comments here or notes so understand that I won't ever reply to them.

Once again, goodbye.

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[link] Sorry for the delay~ OTL
Thank you! I love her! Your style is adorable too and makes her that much more adorable!
Oh goodness :blush: Thank you very much! She was fun to work with! ^-^
missadorable1425 Mar 10, 2013
noooooooooooooooone likes to be bullyed i say everyone in the hole world hates getting bullyed it ruined there day
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